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        A Celebration of Prairie Birds

        A Celebration of Prairie Birds

        “I became enchanted by the prairie grasslands more than 40 years ago, and have been bewitched by birds even longer. This book combines both of these personal passions. But it is more than just a book about the birds of the prairies; it is a celebration of the beauty and biology of the natural world.”
        Wayne Lynch author

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        How the West Was Written

        How the West Was Written

        James H. Gray was the first Canadian social historian to tackle such previously taboo subjects as the sex lives and boozing habits of the early settlers. His books were on the national and Toronto Star bestseller lists before those of Pierre Berton and have since become classics of Canadian literature.

        Now available in paperback

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        In Search of Almighty Voice

        In Search of Almighty Voice

        In May 1897, Almighty Voice, a Willow Cree, died when the Mounties shelled his hiding place. Since then, his violent death has spawned a succession of conflicting stories, plays, and a film. Why? Because the Willow Cree man mattered.

        Understanding why he mattered has a direct bearing on reconciliation efforts today.

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        Featured Author

        Tomson Highway

        Tomson Highway

        2022 Governor General's Performing Arts Awards winner

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